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Our TK and Kindergarten Programs

Together, we will give your child a safe, welcoming environment to  grow into a life-long learner. Our diverse community, collaborative culture, small class sizes and individualized attention creates a dynamic, rewarding environment. Teachers and parents work together to create an instant supportive network for your child. Our two-year T-K/K program gives your child additional time to transition from play-based socialization into preparedness for academic teamwork. You’ll meet supportive families and your child will create life-long friendships. You’ll also work with dedicated teachers who will give your child the support they need to excel.


Our goal is to provide your children with the proper social emotional skills they need to be successful inside and outside of the classroom. We focus on communication, making responsible decisions, and the recognition of self-needs and the needs of others. It is important that they know how to self-regulate, understand social awareness, and build strong relationships amongst their peers and others. Students also develop the essential skills that are needed to express creativity (physical, language, cognitive, and social). By giving them the tools necessary to be able to manage their own feelings and choices, they flourish in social-emotional learning, and develop a positive attitude towards school.


Our Kindergarten program is built on a foundation of family and the cultivation of the love of learning, in an environment where they will feel safe, nurtured, respected, and treasured. Our focus is on exploration, and students are encouraged to collaborate and often learn by doing.  We encourage teamwork in station-based classes, with several learning activities going on at once. Kindergarten is also a one-to-one classroom with an iPad Pro and an apple pencil for each student, and Kindergarteners also embark on monthly field trips in our immediate community. Parent participation is encouraged and appreciated by both teacher and students. Parents and teachers partner to nurture students on the beginning of their journey towards academic success.