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Ryan Ilmberger, left, receives congratulations from instructor Sam Monte. wphoto provided

Assumption Alum Ryan I. flies solo flight

From The Nugget Newspaper: On his 16th birthday, Ryan Ilmberger carried out an unusual family tradition: He soloed in an airplane. Like his father on his 16th birthday, Ilmberger flew an airplane by himself before he could drive a car by himself. Two years ago, the Ilmberger family was living in the San Francisco Bay Area when they learned about the Flight Science program at Sisters High School (SHS). After visiting Sisters, and learning about the unique collaboration with Outlaw Aviation at the Sisters Airport, the family made the move to Sisters to allow Ryan to participate in the program. Ryan set a goal to solo on his 16th birthday, the minimum age required by the FAA to solo an airplane. After a few practice touch-and-go landings in Outlaw Aviation’s Cessna 172 with Sam Monte, Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI), Monte felt Ilmberger was ready to perform the maneuvers by himself. See the link to read more!
Choir singers

Assumption Life Volume 1/Issue 6

It is FESTIVAL TIME! I have recommended in this week's Life to sign up for specific booths based on your student's class. This is just an opportunity to direct those who haven't signed up for a shift a place where we need you! Sign up here! We hope that with 100 percent family volunteer participation, this event is FUN and EXCITING for everyone. Let's create loving and happy memories for our kids! Together, we can do great things! See you on Friday at 6 p.m. Students come to the Festival at 5:45 p.m. and report to their classrooms for Opening Ceremonies. After Opening Ceremonies you are responsible for your child and can enjoy the evening at the Festival! Thank you for your donations and support!
Teaching Science

Assumption Life Volume 1/Issue 5

Gearing up for Festival, MSAT, The Bass Boys Update, Breast Cancer Awareness - October dates, PTG Social this THURSDAY, Festival - Snack Shack, Toy Drive, Glass Booth, Pasta Dinner, Fun Run, Coding Club, Chess Wizards, Box Tops
Studying the CA Flag

Assumption Life Volume 1/Issue 4

Here is tonight's Assumption Life with lots of great information including: JH Dance Recap 9/11 Reflection Picture Day Tardy Policy Read-a-thon Update Attachments include: Parent Teacher Conference Requests due tomorrow Festival announcement Festival T-shirt order form due tomorrow PTG Social NEXT THURSDAY 9/19 Wine Tasting Fundraiser Fun Run reminder : Look out for the emails soon Festival Toy Drive (we need 'em!) Coding in Extended Care Chess Club in Extended Care Wishing you a wonderfun (I made that up!) Wednesday.
Recess time.

Assumption Life Volume 1/Issue 3

Getting into the swing of things ... Have you completed your required paperwork for school? Please turn them in asap! Attachments included: Goal Setting Conference Preference Sheet Festival Flier Festival Talent Show information and permission slips Summer Read A Thon Forms (Due Friday) Boy Scouts Info MUSE information Wine Tasting Fundraiser Fun Run Flier Fundraising Parent Volunteers needed Festival Toy Drive Festival T-Shirt order form
Class of 2028-2029

Assumption Life Volume 1/Issue 2

Together ..., Sweatshirts, Extended Care Fee Increase, Cleaning up the Convent, Prayer, Wine Tasting Fundraiser, Fall Festival - Meeting, Fundraising needs you!, Drama Club still has openings, Children’s Choir Sign up, Farm Fresh Fundraiser, Festival Prize Booth Toy Drive, Boy Scouts Meetings, Ready for our Fun Run, Festival Talent Show Information, Read-A-thon (Due 9/6), Men's Group of San Leandro