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Extended Care


The ultimate goal of the Extended Care Program at Assumption School is to extend the philosophy of the school into a safely supervised after school program. We provide a safe and caring environment, in a Christ-like setting, for the academic, social and emotional needs of our students.


There will be a time scheduled each day for outdoor games and activities, indoor activities including games, arts, crafts, art, puzzles, contests, a reading corner, drawing, projects and enrichment programs. Our Homework Room provides a quiet room with help from a teacher aide and reference supplies. Students bring their own pencils and paper to the homework room.

REOPENING EXTENDED CARE October - December 2020

As per our Reopening Guidelines, we have adjusted our Extended Program for families that need care until 4 p.m. 

The Extended Care Program is offered only on days that school is in session, unless otherwise noted in the school newsletters. Total capacity for Extended Care is 28 students. 

Students report to the Extended Care picnic benches immediately upon dismissal from class, or carline. Students are to remain in assigned areas and must request permission to leave the assigned area.

Masks are to be worn at all times unless eating.

Social distancing will be enforced during this time. Cohorts will be used for play time and play equipment.

Handwashing will be required throughout the day.

Cohorts will be designated first by family, then by class. Students will be grouped in the same cohort. Newly enrolled students might be added to the cohort but students will not move between cohorts.


Before attending, all students must have an Extended Care Registration Form on file with names and phone numbers of authorized persons permitted to sign out students.



Every student admitted to the Extended Care Program must have a Registration Form and Emergency Information Form on file with us. The form can be downloaded, printed, and filled out. Return the form on or before your first Extended Care day. The registration fee is $ 60.00 per family and is due by your first day of Extended Care Program. 


Extended Care has a pre-paid program and costs $45 per day per student. Payments can be made on our school website.