Student Learning Expectations

A.  Assumption Students are Active Christians who:

  1. Learn and develop knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church emphasizing God's love for each individual.
  2. Consistently participate in personal prayer, the Mass, and the traditions of the Catholic Church.
  3. Demonstrate Christ-like decision making based on the teachings of the Catholic Church resulting in good life choices.
  4. Model the example of Christ through service to others.


B.  Assumption Students are Effective Communicators who:

  1. Listen attentively and show respect for the views of others.
  2. Utilize the tools of technology responsibly to share their ideas.
  3. Write, speak, and present clearly and effectively.
  4. Use visual and performing arts as forms of communication.


C.  Assumption Students are Lifelong Learners who:

  1. Actively participate in a variety of activities in all curricular areas.
  2. Use critical thinking and solve problems.
  3. Demonstrate a continuing curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.
  4. Use time management skills to organize and utilize information effectively.


D.  Assumption Students are Socially Responsible Citizens who:

  1. Practice self-management skills.
  2. Follow classroom and school routines and procedures.
  3. Respect the rights, opinions, and property of others.
  4. Actively serve and enrich the community.