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Back to School SALES - New Students/Parents
New students/parents discount. This is an early shopping special. Shopping early allows us to help
you with sizing and gives a suffcient amount of time for returns or exchanges.
Please see your handbook/pricesheet for a complete list of requirements.
Our online store is available for purchasing year round. This allows you to split up your purchases if
needed. You can buy the necessities now and winter items later. We offer several discount days
throughout the year for your convenience. However, this 25% off discount is a one time offer.
Purchase all you want now at 25% off and exchange it later if needed. As long as all the
appropriate tags are attached, no student name has been applied and it has not been worn or
washed you should have no problems with exchanges. Exceptions can apply. While placing your
order online please feel free to call, we can help with sizing and questions.
How to place orders on-line
25% off - June 14th - June 17th
All orders receive ONE free return label
Telephones may experience HIGH VOLUME! Please use the WEBSITE whenever possible.
To ask questions - please go to: [email protected]