7th Grade Girls Volleyball Advances to CYO Dioceses Championship!

There are over 100 CYO volleyball sports programs spread out across the Metro, EBPL, SAC, Northern, and Oakland leagues. 6th-8th grade teams are allowed to participate in a round of league playoffs for their respective leagues. From these leagues emerge league champions who are invited to participate in a best-of-the-best Dioceses single-elimination tournament where only one school will be crowned Champion for each grade level. During the school year, Assumption won the coveted St. Bede Tournament, so they had tasted success. The team came in second place in the league to St. Felicitas losing in an overtime battle down to the wire decided by 2 pts, and were given an invite as a low seed into the Diocese Tournament. Of 100 schools 16 at each grade, were invited to the tournament and Assumption was one of them. The path forward would require Assumption to play the best seed at every round to have a chance at what could only be whispered about as a possibility during the season.. Assumption took care of St. Josephs from Pinole in 3 sets who was the top seed in the bracket and advanced to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, the host school of St. Theresa out of Oakland was a real threat to win it all. This team had Multiple club kids and a team who had played together for multiple seasons and in an intense home crowd environment with tons of energy and excitement, Assumption upset St. Theresa to advance to the Championships round which Assumption has not won in nearly 20 years nor participated in just as long. The Championship round would see Assumption square up against Corpus Christi out of the (EBPL). Assumption was confident as we had played this school in the St. Bede Tournament and won, not to mention the title would be played at St. Bede gym were we saw great success previously. For any family who has never been to this event, the gym was packed with well over 500 people in the stands. Tremendous buildup and fanfare were leading to the moment the girls were so excited and confident. At this moment game 1 got off to a rocky start and a local blackout caused the game to be suspended bid match!!! Everyone was sent home and the match was delayed a week. Once back everyone got back onto the court with the game and players beginning right where they left off and momentum was in Corpus Christi favor with Assumption coming up short in game 1 and then again in game 2. What an amazing accomplishment! To put this into perspective, the 7th grade team has 11 kids, five 7th graders and six 6th graders. 6 of 11 kids had little to no volleyball experience before this year, and at this grade are often play against seasoned teams with multiple year-round players, and this group of young ladies overcame all odds to compete at the Diocese highest level. They represented the Parish with pride and accomplished what few have ever done before them! What an honor to be a part of - Congratulations 7th grade!