Earth Day Activities

The Clean Water Program of Alameda Count and The Pacific Beach Coalition are asking for people to do individual clean ups this year.  Since storm drains flow to the Bay and then out to the ocean, we can all contribute to cleaning up the beach just by picking up litter in our neighborhood.
Helping the Earth doesn't have to be limited to doing it just on Earth Day. They would love it if you can share data about what was collected. For people that would like to contribute data, here is a link to register and send in data.
For an individual that does a small amount, they like to get an estimate of the number of pieces of litter you find, and of how many of those you are going to recycle, and of the number of cigarette butts cleaned up.
For a more ambitious clean up, they like an estimate of the number of pounds of landfill waste, of recycling waste, and of green waste you collect, plus the number of cigarette butts you clean up. 
For those that would like to us an app to submit their data here is a link: 
If anyone wants to contribute data, but does not want to register, they can email their estimates to Christine Wolf at and she can submit it on behalf of our community.
For the artists in our midst, the Pacific Beach Coalition is holding a fun April 1st to 30th Trash to Art Challenge. The following link has details about that.