Big Changes In Fundraising!

Big changes in fundraising!

Have you heard?  For the 2020-2021 school year, Assumption School has moved away from sales-based fundraisers towards a mission-driven fundraising model.  That’s right – no more wrapping paper, chocolates and cookie dough – instead you can support the school with a tax deductible donation to our newly developed annual fund, The Together We Can Fund.  In order to get our fund off the ground, we no longer have a $400 family fundraising goal.  Instead, we are asking for 100% family participation at any level in the Together We Can Fund.  Achieving 100% family participation is critical to the success of our fund as it demonstrates the school community’s support in the Assumption mission and programming and enables us to solicit future donors and grants.  An email will go out later this week with further information about the fund and how you can support it.  Please see some frequently asked questions below and thanks for your ongoing support of Assumption School!  Questions?  Email:


My family has contributed to the Fit & Fun Drive, Benefit Mobile and Read-a-Thon.  Do we still need to contribute to the Together We Can fund?  There were some fundraisers that we loved too much to stop – like the Fit & Fun Drive, the Read-a-Thon (and the Notecards fundraiser that will happen in 2021).  We appreciate all of the efforts that families have made to earn money for our school thus far!  Donation totals made in your family name will be included in fundraising statements that you will periodically receive, but we ask that you consider also making a donation to the Together We Can Fund at an amount that is comfortable to you. 

I hear you say you’d like us to support the fund at any amount that is comfortable, but what are you really asking?  The Support and Ambassador Circles were created to enable donors to give at a level that is right for them.  Our goal is for 100% family participation at any amount, but we encourage school families to consider participating at the Innovation Circle, which is a donation between $500-$2499. This is near to the previous fundraising expectations families have had. In order to support this, you will have the option of making a one-time flat donation or you can choose to set up a reoccurring monthly donation.  Fundraising totals for the 2020-2021 school year are closed at the end of April, but you can choose to continue a reoccurring donation indefinitely as part of your family’s monthly budget. 

We pay tuition – why do we need to fundraise also? Tuition at Assumption covers approximately 80% of the cost to educate a child.  Fundraising efforts help to bridge the gap and ensure that the innovative programming that Assumption School offers can continue and grow.  Some of the highlights of this programming is to expand the Spanish program to all grades over the next two years, build and expand on the Maker Space, upgrade technology for hybrid learning, develop a mobile library, support student participation in educational competitions and many more!  You’ll be able to see all of the various ways that fundraising impacts the school on the Together We Can site.