2020-2021 SLT and Campus Ministry leadership announced

After much consideration it is with great pleasure that we announce our Leadership Teams for the 2020/2021 school year:
Gabe C. - President
Sofia P. - Vice President
Kiera K. - Secretary
Mary D. - Publicity
Ben P. - Media
Braelynn L. - Ecology
Leslie G. - Ambassador
Rachel H. - Publicity
Travis B. - Cheer
Kai W. - Athletics
Aidan G. - Cheer
Oliver L.- Media
Aaron C. - Athletics
Sean C. - President
Katherine J. - Vice President
Sylvienne K. - Secretary
Leslie G. - Ambassador
Amaya S. - Member
Henry H. - Member
Lexi G. - Member
Bella G. - Member
Amaya T. -  Member
TIm W. -  Member
Braddock H. - Member
Luke W. - Member
Nateo F. - Member
Berhanna H. - Member
Congratulations to all of you! 
Your SLT/CM Moderators, Mr. D, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Silvestri, Ms. Falleiro