A Message from Assumption Foundation President Hanne Gerardi

I would like to thank the following directors and officers for serving on the Assumption Foundation board:
Allison Fargo, Vice President
Bruce Whitten, Secretary
Don Donchuanchom, Treasurer
Gordon Galvan
Allison Wood
George Brandt
Mike Pretto
Michelle Anderson
Also, I would like to thank Paul Carney and Lana Rocheford for attending our board meetings and offering their perspectives and suggestions for strategic gift giving. Your vision is impressive and your dedication is admirable.
The time and talent you have all contributed to the Assumption Foundation and School will live on in a thriving and vibrant school and church community for years to come. A community which you have helped create. Your service and dedication to supporting Assumption School are appreciated. It is a pleasure working with you and I look forward to another great year.
Together, we can do great things!
Hanne Gerardi
President, Assumption Foundation