Assumption School Steps Up PRIZES!

Hey Assumption community, do you have your shoes ready? 
Today marks the start of the Assumption Steps Up Walk-a-Thon! If you haven’t already, print out the tracking form here and start steppin’! Beginning tomorrow, you’ll notice an additional question on the daily attendance form where you’ll be able to log the steps that your student took the day prior.
You can track steps using a fitness watch, a free app on your cell phone, by mapping out a route in your community (1 mile = about 2,000 steps), by having your student set up a track or obstacle course in your backyard, or by doing a walk-at-home video like this one: or this one:
Begin today by having your student set a goal for this challenge. Maybe it’s to walk 1 mile per day or 2,000 steps? Maybe it’s to walk a certain number of total steps by the end of the challenge? Whatever that goal is, write it down on the form. Next, share your goal with your friends and family. Ask them to cheer you on or to even support your student(s) and the school financially by making a donation here:
Here’s a sample email you can cut and paste, if you’d like, but personalization is even better! 
Hi! For the next week, our family will be participating in Assumption Steps Up, a week-long virtual walk-a-thon in order to encourage us to exercise as a family and raise money for our school. We’ve set a big goal for ourselves and would love it if you could cheer us on. You can even support us by making a pledge via our school’s website here!
Thank you for your support!
Post videos or photos of your family walking on social media! Make sure to use the hashtag #AssumptionStepsUp and tag the school’s Facebook and Instagram pages @assumptionschoolsl 
We’re going to have a chance to win prizes periodically for participation and can’t wait to see how many steps we can walk as a community. Remember, Together We Can Do Great Things, and if every family raises at least $100, we’ll reach our fundraising goal for the year. How amazing would that be?
Happy Steppin’!
Meghan Meyer & Gina Zones
PTG Fundraising Co-Coordinators Source: Send this link to families and friends!