Bootleggers Ball kicks off looking for donations and support

The Bootlegger Ball Ballers would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the following folks who have already committed themselves to one of the biggest Assumption fundraisers for the year. 
- Marketing: Jenn Violet Kennedy, Katie Forcier, Lauren Sugayan
- Treasurer: Joyce Cruz
- Bank: Pierre Davis & Julio Cruz
- Donations: Erica Marr
- Sponsorships: James Zahradka
- Catalog: Katie Forcier
- Reservations & General Support: Renee Wieland
- Decorations: Julie Shaddle, Jennifer Henning, Mary Schirmer
- A/V: Paul Jackman
- Dessert Auction: Kerry Mason
- Class Projects: Christine Wolf
- Children's Raffle: Buffy Welborn
- 52-card Draw: Meghan Meyer & Gina Zones
- 50/50 Raffle: Wendy Robinson
- Night of Volunteers: Allison Wood, Allison Pretto & Saima Kumar
If you would like to be involved and be a part of this amazing group of fun and razzle dazzle set of parents ... they'd think you were the bees knees. Contact Allison Fargo at