Students prepare for Oratorical Fest February 1

Teachers have introduced or will introduce the 7th Annual Oratorical Fest assignment to their homerooms. Each student will pick a piece approved by their teacher, compete with their classmates memorizing a poem, and reciting it in front of the class during January.
Parents are welcome to support their student by helping to choose an appropriate poem and being a practice audience to your student! 
Three students in each grade will then participate in the Oratorical Fest on Wednesday, February 1st in front of the school and guests at 9 a.m. in the School Gym hosted by SLT. The event will also have a Zoom link. Please ask teachers for any clarifying information.
Student guidelines are:
**Grades TK – 2: 4 – 12 lines
**Grades 3 – 5: 10 – 24 lines
**Grades 6 – 8: 20 – 36 lines