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Safety at Assumption

The mission of Assumption School is to create an environment where "each individual is safe, nurtured, respected, and treasured." Parents, administrators, and educators work together to ensure that each student enrolled in our school and each staff member working on behalf of students is provided with a welcoming, caring, respectful, safe and Catholic environment that promotes the well-being of all students and staff and fosters community support for achieving this goal.
We adhere to administrative procedures to ensure that we have welcoming, caring, respectful, and safe environments are as follows:

Supervision and Protection from Predators: Every parent that interacts with the school as well as all administrators, are immersed in Virtus training (to be certified every three years) on how to identify and protect students from predators, and must adhere to policies on campus such as the "rule of three," where we as a community constantly remind and supervise each other in ensuring that no child is ever left alone with any adult.  In addition, all staff, faculty, clergy, and parent volunteers have Department of Justice clearance through Livescan fingerprinting process: our school safe environment coordinator runs a Megan's Law background check on every volunteer and submits documentation to the Diocese of Oakland. For more information on Virtus Training and supervision to protect our students, as well as additional resources on protection from predators from the Diocese of Oakland, visit the website here.

Emergency Preparedness: The Emergency Preparedness Plan has been developed to provide a comprehensive guide to responding to emergency situations that may face Assumption School. Please review the plan here.  
Social/Emotional Support: In 2016, Assumption School adopted and was trained in the social emotional program titled Positive Discipline. This school wide program has ongoing training and implementation that focuses on relationship building between student-to-student, student-to-faculty/staff, and student- to-whole-community. A school counselor is on site to assist students.  The parochial administrator is available to counsel and advise students and their families when needed. In addition, we have two learning specialists to address the unique learning needs of students. This team is departmentalized with a learning support coordinator to focus on in-class and out-of-classroom support, small group or one-on-one learning experiences. The Student Success Team (SST) process ensures communication between staff, parents, and if appropriate, other professionals and the student. A plan of action is developed and team members are assigned responsibilities for follow through.


Technology/Social Media:  Although we do use technology in our classrooms, Assumption School has a strict policy against cell phones or other digital devices at school, so students are only focused on learning and building in-person relationships without digital distractions.  All students, staff, and faculty must sign off on the Technology Responsible Use Policy. For more information, please review the Diocese of Oakland's Code of Conduct on Social Media or Assumption School's policy regarding cell phones in our Parent-Student Handbook


Appropriate/Professional Relationships: In addition to Virtus training, the Diocese of Oakland has created additional policies that every adult must strictly adhere to in order to protect our students from predators.  Please view these policies and procedures in the Diocese of Oakland's Code of Conduct.