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Ms.Sabrina Ybarra's TK

Ms. Sabrina’s Class Goals: My goal is to provide your children with the proper social emotional skills they need to be successful inside and outside of the classroom. I want them to be able to communicate with one another, make responsible decisions, recognize their own needs and the needs of others. 

I think it is important that they know how to self-regulate, understand social awareness, and build strong relationships amongst their peers and others. By giving them the tools necessary to be able to manage their own feelings and choices, they could then develop a positive attitude towards school. I will encourage and give them the tools they need in order to help them flourish in their social and oral skills and provide a safe environment that fosters their faith formation. 

I will support them in developing the essential tools that are needed to become writers (physical, language, cognitive, and social). I will create a classroom environment that helps cultivate them to become life long learners. It is our responsibility as a teacher and as parents to work together in order to nurture their academic success, start the foundation of their social emotional learning, and discover all of their gifts and talents. 

Together, we are presenting these children with the “gift of time.” It is my honor to be your students Transitional Kindergarten teacher and prepare them to be ready and successful they Kindergarten year! 




Text: Stories of God’s Love- Preschool Program for Ages 4 and 5 

Subject Matter: Stories of God’s Love will help the children take their first steps on their journey of faith. A program organized for “children to learn about God’s love through developmentally appropriate Scripture stores and engaging stories of their own lives” 

They will learn through: 

-A scripture based approach, presenting the Bible as the source for learning about God

-Developmentally appropriate formation with story leaflets and seasonal leaflets

-A family focus that helps children and their families live Christian values 


Text: Get Set For School -Learning Without Tears, 2011 

Subject Matter: This program uses music, movement, and multisensory manipulatives to teach all the core readiness skills, including crayon/pencil grip, letter and number recognition, number and capital letter formation, and body awareness. Through play and explicit instruction, children develop early literacy skills in these six domains:

1. Phonological Awareness

2. Alphabet Knowledge

3. Concepts About Print

4. Comprehension

5. Oral Language

6. Writing This program also teaches body awareness, cooperation, taking turns, and listening. 


Text:Get Set For School-Learning Without Tears, 2011

Subject Matter: “This compliments our Readiness & Writing program. We use dramatic play, singing, finger plays, manipulatives, and movement to teach children to rhyme, clap syllables, make and break compound words, and identify the names and sounds of letter. Children are exposed to a variety of literature to foster a love of reading, words linked to content, build vocabulary (new words in spoken language), and learn how books work. They learn to use new words and develop oral language skills by listening, retelling, and narrating stories, which teaches them how to respond to simple questions, have discussions, and share ideas.” 


Text:Get Set For School-Learning Without Tears, 2011

Subject Matter: A natural extension to the Get Set for School readiness program, this helps children build number sense. Using manipulatives, music, and rhymes to teach counting, comparisons, spatial awareness, patterning, sequencing, matching, sorting, problem solving, and even Pre-K geometry skills. Hands on activities will help math become real and meaningful, they will begin to develop oral language that helps learn about and express math concepts.

*Parent resources for the Get Set For School series are available online for you at 


“My Big World with Clifford is the fun nonfiction magazine for early- childhood classrooms. Each issue brings themes to life with colorful photos and simple nonfiction. In addition, the playful activities focus on early- learning essentials like vocabulary, social development, movement, and language. Pre-K Thematic Units Led by Clifford the Big Red Dog, students explore a new seasonal or social development theme in each issue, like fire safety, weather, or manners. Vocabulary- Grow big vocabularies with key words such as camouflage and tradition. Social Development- Discussion questions cover core social-development areas for young children, such as being kind and sharing. Movement- Fingerplays, sign language, and other kinetic learning activities help wiggly kids learn. Language- Rhyming songs and poems build phonological awareness. ABC's and Numbering- Make early- childhood learning fun with simple activities that teach letter recognition, counting, patterns, and shapes."

Science: Mrs. Mary Munoz

Text: Mystery Science 

Subject Matter:

1. Life Science

2. Earth Science

3. Physical Science 


Art: Mrs. Mary [email protected]

Subject Matter: Students will realize art is another way to express oneself, develop ways of expressing ideas in visual form, explore and experiment with different art media, grow in awareness of the environment and heightened sensitivity to beauty, experience a sense of personal achievement and the joy of creation, develop muscular coordination through manipulation of art materials, learn to appreciate the visual expression of others.


Mr. Deonigi (Mr. D)

We will have a 30-minute PE Class once a week. They will have an opportunity to have a more structured recess with Mr. D. He will help your students learn how to take care of their bodies, what exercise is, cooperation, and critical thinking skills. There is no PE uniform. Students must wear appropriate athletic shoes. 

Motor Skills:

Motor Skills: (Mrs. Andrea Contreras) [email protected] 


In addition to our school’s physical education curriculum, perceptual-motor activities are offered to students in grades TK-1. The perceptual-motor activities are conducted indoors and involve the use of basic equipment (bean bags, blindfolds, balance beams, tumble mats, etc.) In this program, students are presented with a wide variety of movement experiences designed to improve physical coordination, enhance basic sensory functioning, and promote a positive self image. 


For the safety and maximum benefit of participants, it is required that all children remove their shoes and socks before a lesson begins. The clothing that children wear to school on the days that this program is offered is very important to successful, safe, and comfortable performance. It is recommended that girls wear pants or shorts to school on the days the program is conducted and that tights are not worn on these days. Tights are very slippery and lead to accidents. Long dresses or skirts are also especially hazardous


Grades will be based


Ms. Andrea Contreras

Subject Matter


Student will:

-Recognize and recite classroom words 

-Talk about wants and needs 

-Recognize animals in Spanish 

-Recognize food in Spanish 

-Recite the alphabet, colors and numbers in Spanish 

-Practice how to greet and introduce themselves 

-Discuss in Spanish the things they need and want for their class 

-Discuss the calendar and weather 

-Describe themselves and personality traits 

-Describe the items in their rooms and pictures 

-Describe how they prepare themselves for school 

-Describe extended family and family life in general 

-Students will recite and translate prayers 


New vocabulary, books, games, and music will be introduced around the theme of activities and personal traits.


Grammar: Students will learn vowels, adjectives, gender, cognates, infinitives, negatives, structures to express agreement and disagreement.


Cultural Perspectives: Students will learn about several Spanish-speaking Countries and cultural differences. They will also learn about Holidays (Independence Day, Day Of The Dead, Christmas, Cesar Chavez Day and Cinco De Mayo, Children’s Day, Three Kings Day). 


Expectations: Students are encouraged to participate in classroom activities and projects, and communicate with other students and I in Spanish. 

Grading: Grades will be based on class participation as well as completion of homework.


Mr. Bill Vaughan [email protected]

Welcome back!! I have planned an exciting year of music for our school and classsponsored Masses, the Fall Festival, our Christmas and Spring concerts. 

Subject Matter: Students have two music classes each week. One class is music theory, music history and liturgy, where they learn how to read music, study composers of the past and present, and study the parts of the Mass. The other class is a practicum, spent singing, using their God-given instrument, the voice, to get ready for the various parish/school Masses and concerts throughout the year. The goal of music class is not only to study music, but to also to perform music. 

Expectations: Active participation through singing and memorization of the score in class is primary. Good behavior in the classroom and church is an absolute. Attendance with an animated spirit at all school sponsored Masses, Fall Festival, Christmas and Spring Concerts is mandatory. 

Grading: Grading will be based on assessments made at the time of a ‘performance,’ and quizzes afterwards. Along with these assessments, I also review behavior in the classroom and church, active class participation, and attendance at mandatory liturgies/concerts. 

Materials: Up and coming anthems that all classes will be singing can be found 

on our school website under Music and also on Google Classroom (6-8 grades). This way, students can be prepared before they come to class. Let’s get started!! 


Breathtaking religious stained glass windows provide the perfect backdrop for an enriching library experience. Grades T/K – 3 check out books for [1] week; grades 4 and 5 get to check out books for [2] weeks. 


In addition to providing students with a variety of reading adventures, the library hosts an annual book fair through Scholastic in the spring. This event sparks a lot of excitement and enthusiasm—it’s like having our very own bookstore for a week!




Students will be expected to adhere to the usual rules you would have in any other public library. Additionally, sometimes books do get lost or damaged. The policy for this school library is that in the event that this happens, the book would either need to be replaced with another book [in excellent condition] of equal value or remit a check made out to Assumption School that covers the cost of the book.


Homework is not a part of the Transitional Kindergarten program. If you would like some work for home to supplement what we are learning in class, please let me know and I may be able to provide some additional materials for you. You may also receive occasional materials or information from me to support what we are learning in class. 


Each child should have a plastic folder to send any notes or paperwork that you may have for me or the school office. I will return and send any information from myself or the school office to you in the folder. *Please check and empty the folder every day. 


To ensure that the needs of all learners are met, Assumption School has two part time teachers who support both students and their teachers. Student services include both individual and small group pullout or push in instruction. If you believe your student has special needs please discuss your concerns with their teacher and/or the Learning Support Coordinator, Sue Mart [email protected] or Reading Resource Teacher, Krista Imrie. [email protected]


We have a color-coded chart in our classroom, which represents each child’s behavior for the day. Each day I will send home a small slip of paper indicating the color day they received. This is a quick and easy way to keep you informed of your child’s daily behavior. Every child starts each day on green, which is “ready to learn.” The goal in TK is to stay on green. Earning purple or pink is wonderful, but not necessary. The coding is as follows: 

PURPLE: Outstanding Behavior 

PINK: Great Job 

GREEN: READY TO LEARN (we all begin our day on green). *Green is good! 

YELLOW: Think About It (the students and I will take time to think about their actions and discuss how we could have made better choices). 

ORANGE: Teacher’s Choice (there will be a logical consequence that goes along with their actions). 

RED: Parent Contact 


Discipline is approached positively. The children are always encouraged to be a part of the group, however, if a child harms others or disrupts the class, that 

child may be taken aside to sit out to think about their actions. Otherwise, discipline is as an opportunity to teach and understand behavior and how to communicate effectively and appropriately. Positive disciple and logical consequences also allows the child to think about their actions, how it may have affected their peers, and gives them the chance to connect the consequence to their behavior. 


Uniform and free dress clothing should be safe (especially shoes), functional and easy to unfasten so that your child will be able to use the bathroom independently. TK students should be in their full, standard school uniform daily, unless you are informed of a casual/free dress day. Please be sure to send a full change of uniform, including extra socks and underwear in a labeled ziplock bag. No “light up” shoes please. 


Please label ALL items (backpacks, sweaters, etc.) with your child’s name. Children are NOT allowed to bring toys or games from home unless it is pre- approved for a specific class activity. For nap time, they may bring a small blanket or one favorite stuffed animal in their backpack to keep at school for the week. 


Students may bring a healthy, growing snack to eat. If your child is receiving a hot lunch, please be sure to send them with a morning snack. Please send them with plenty of WATER to drink daily, they do get very thirsty! *HotLunch can be ordered through in advance. 


We look forward to celebrating them! Due to food allergies please note that birthdays can be celebrated at school by donating a board game, book and/or other class resource to the classroom for their birthday. Thank you for wanting to celebrate your child with their class. 


Students brought to school before 7:45 a.m. need to sign in to Extended Care. The first bell rings at 7:55 a.m and the second bell rings at 8:00 a.m., which starts our community assembly. TK dismissal is 3:00 p.m. daily and 2:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. 


If your child is absent, please call and leave a message with the school office at 

510-357-8772 by 8:30 a.m. on the day of the absence. You may also email the office at [email protected] Please be sure to send a written excuse with your child when they return to school.


In order to volunteer or participate in any field trips and activities on campus while children are present, all parents/guardians must complete Safe Environment Training. A copy of the Certificate of Completion must be on file in the school office prior to any school participation. Fingerprinting is also required and a copy of your certificate/receipt that you were fingerprinted must be on file in the school office. Please call Fingerprint services of America, INC at 510-293-9140 to make an appointment, walk-ins are also welcome. The location is at 225 W. Winton Ave., Suite 124, Hayward, CA 94544. All of this information is required by the Diocese of Oakland. 


I am on campus from 7:40 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily. Email is my preferred method of communication. I will have a TK website that you will have access to. This website will have any TK information you need, updates on our class, picture, and more. If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns or would like to talk in person, I am available from 7:30 a.m. to 7:55 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. If you would like to have a longer meeting, please call or email in advance to set up a time that works for all. Please email anytime to [email protected] You may also call on the Assumption School line, 510- 357-8772.

I am very excited to start this new year with each and everyone of you. I am truly looking forward to growing and learning together this school year. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm as we work together to make your child’s first year of school a memorable and successful experience! 

With Love & Blessings, 

Ms. Sabrina