Assumption CYO

Since the founding of Assumption School more than 60 years ago, CYO has been an active program offering a variety of sports to boys and girls throughout our community. Basketball, volleyball, track, crosscountry, cheerleading and girls softball all bring healthy team sports and learning to nearly 300 children this school year. Children from throughout the community make new friends through CYO where Christian values and teamwork are steadily reinforced, and all children are given the opportunity to play and learn new skills.
Welcome Back!
With the School year getting ready to begin we will also be starting another year of CYO activities.  This year registration will be done online. Basketball and Girls Volleyball fees are $135, Cross Country, Boys Volleyball and Track/Field are all $80.  In addition to these fees you also have the option to purchase your snack bar duty for $50 (per player, per sport).  This year we will be assigning snack bar duty per team.  When your team is assigned they will be responsible for running the snack bar for the day as well as providing gym monitor duties.  More information on this at the parent meeting.
We are also looking for candidates for the CYO Board.  If you would like to be a candidate for the board or if you are interested in coaching please contact Steven McCue -
Registration for fall sports (Cross Country, Boys Basketball and Girls Volleyball) are now open.  To register go to  Registration documents are online or listed below.  Once completed they can be submitted with your online registration.
Upcoming Events:
Fall Registration - Now Open